Holiday Like a Celebrity: The Perfect Destination

The world is celebrity obsessed and every move they make is followed by the media and the public – from the clothes they wear to their love lives to the simple everyday things they do. Something that celebrities have a luxury of doing is taking regular holidays to exotic destinations that allow them to capture the spotlight whilst abroad, to highlight the things that come with being rich and famous and show off their perfect bodies and perfect lives. Most of us, however subtly, like to emulate the looks and lives of our favourite celebrities and enjoy the things that come with being in the spotlight. Although most of us will never be able to fully understand a life in the public eye, we can attempt to enjoy some of the same luxuries, which typically begin with a similar look, style, vacation package and possessions.

Holidays, in particular, are one of the most important parts of a typical celebrity lifestyle and the destination choice tends to reflect the level of celebrity and the status, which the public has given them.


The tropical beaches and stunning sand dunes make the emirates a preferred holiday destination for the rich and famous. Home to a 7* hotel, Dubai is the epitome of a rich foreign country that can offer everything a typical celebrity and celebrity enthusiast needs. The sun shines all year round and the warmth of the region makes it an idyllic holiday location. The impressive shopping facilities and fine dining sees celebrities flock to the country year after year.


The relaxed pace lifestyle makes Barbados the perfect getaway for celebrities trying to escape the media frenzy which surrounds them. Crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches make for a serene holiday setting, and the added benefit of the tropical climate means Barbados is a favourite haunt for sun worshippers and for those who are desperate for a beach based holiday.


This is the epitome of the celebrity holiday destination; it has all the elements that are desired by television stars and singers, the lesser known of the celebrity world, who crave a warm sandy beach and a vibrant nightlife. The reality stars that often film their series on the beautiful shores of Marbella most commonly favour it.


Maui Island in Hawaii is by far one of the most popular celebrity destinations due to the unique lifestyle and idyllic scenery that the island has to offer. It is the second biggest island of Hawaii and has a surprisingly small population, which makes it the ideal escape from the chaos of the real world. The towns are small and intimate and the relaxed atmosphere creates the perfect restful break.

French Riviera

The south east of France is home to the Riviera – the most glamorous and expensive region of France that calls out to the A list stars. A short distance from St Tropez and Cannes, the Riviera boasts a slower paced lifestyle and a quaint French experience. Stunning location, breath taking sights, fine art, culture and history. It really is a most unique location and spectacular setting.

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