Technology and Gaming: Not Just for the Boys

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Online gaming is a large and popular market that has always been dominated by males. The obsession and passion which surrounds gaming tends to be found more commonly against men and boys with them using it as a way to bond, entertain themselves and engage in activities which appeal to them. Gaming sites and brands have spent a significant amount of time and advertising to target males and fulfil their individual needs. In recent years, brands have seen a new target audience and are now working to involve females and encourage them to interact and entertain themselves online with the introduction of a larger gaming market and the addition of new sites which appeal to women and allow them to be a part of the online gaming phenomenon.

45% of online gamers are now female; they have indulged in the online gaming market and are more committed and devoted to finding their sources of entertainment through the Internet. There are more females truing to the virtual world that are aged 18+ then males’ aged 17 and under. There have been significant increases in the games and applications that are aimed at women. One of the most popular games that women in particular have enjoyed for many years is bingo. Visiting a local bingo hall with friends and family combined the need to be entertained and have social interaction with the people around them and this has been a key addition to the online gaming market and has been the cause for so many women to now be an important part of the online community. The internet has been the cause of the change in entertainment and interaction and brands such as mecca bingo have captivated the audience with the ability to play their favourite games online and amongst like minded people that they would have been previously unable to interact with.

One of the best ways to appeal to the female audience is to offer rewards, promotions and the opportunity to play a game which will fulfil their entertainment needs whilst at the same time offering something in return, the opportunity to win money and introduce the idea of competition into their everyday lives. The August 250k weekend has been a roaring success for mecca bingo and has seen a high volume of women playing the game and utilising the promotion. The chance to win something for nothing and gaining a level of fun is the ideal solution for many that are looking to meet their amusement needs. Encouraging more women to utilise the Internet has not always been a simple task as the market has been so dominated by males and now companies are solely focused on appealing to women to broaden the level of play and the types of players who turn to the online gaming community.

Brands are not simply encouraging women to access them online, they are creating products and services that are aimed at women to broaden and expand their personal audience bases.

Women are a simpler race then men, they are less likely to become highly captivated by the different forms of technology and when they have decided to indulge in something such as an online game, they want to be able to access it and play it in the simplest way possible. this is why, applications and sites that are aimed at women are simplistic in their nature and allow for easy game play and the encouragement of repeat plays and visits. The online gaming community is now no longer just for boys, it is something that has been opened up to women and has encouraged them to become an essential part of the gaming community.

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  1. Rosey (1027 comments) says:

    45% is a lot!! I had no idea. My daughter will play once in awhile on the console, but she could care less about online. Her brother on the other hand (her older brother) loved the online gaming. So did my husband when our son still lived at home.

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