Adult time is an extremely important part of having a long term serious relationship, how else can two people continue to learn each other, enjoy time together and talk about something other than juggling children and what’s for dinner? Movie night is an easy way to get some alone time while the children sleep but when children are young they  may not sleep at a time that allows for movie night. Another option is to allow family to take your child or children overnight, this allows for the wife or girlfriend in the relationship to slip into one of their nice lingerie sets and feel all pretty for an evening.

When there are children in the house, wearing lingerie may not happen, that is unless you actually can have alone time in your bedroom after hours. Then you can slip into something nice just to relax with your loved one wrapped up in each others arms watching a movie or your favorite television show. Adult time really can be something as simple as snuggled up reading together but it can be much more enticing when your loved one is wearing something a little tempting. That doesn’t mean something has to “happen”, it just is fun to look pretty and know that your loved one wants you still.

Being a work from home Mom, during the winter months, adult time with my partner is extremely important because due to the lack in sunlight, my emotions run low. It’s nice to have a little bit of snuggle time alone with my loved one during those cold, less sunlight evenings. I used to have cute lingerie that I wore on occasion but it was simply because it was too hot at night to wear any other pajama option available to me. I would love to have more adult time, but for now we get one weekend a month. The other weekends we have children and our children will come first, but that doesn’t mean we can’t snuggle up in our bedroom to watch a movie together one night a week when all is silent.

How do you make time to have alone time with the love of your life?

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