Hurricane Sandy: Demolishing the Devastation

In October 2012, America was struck by the worst natural disaster in American history. Hurricane Sandy came with little warning and destroyed cities, states, residential areas, businesses and took multiple lives and afflicted injuries and devastation. Sandy, was the second costliest natural disaster to hit the world and has left America with a clean up bill which runs into the billions.


Many people saw their homes destroyed, their livelihoods taken away in seconds and loved ones killed all in such a short period of time. Almost a year on, the country are still suffering from the heart breaking affects of the tragedy and are attempting to put their lives back together as difficult as it is.


Almost immediately the hurricane sandy clean up began and people from across America and the world have united to help the victims of the hurricane. Charities have been founded and celebrities and the rich and famous have attempted to help with much needed financial support and backing to attempt to repair the damage and rebuild the areas that were completely wiped out.


Sandy with New York and New Jersey being the biggest victims of the disaster affected 24 states in America. However, America was not the only country to be affected by the hurricane, Jamaica, Canada, Puerto Rico and Haiti all fell victim and they too are under intense pressure to repair the damage that was done and rebuild homes and communities that were destroyed.


The clean up is not something that will be completed over night, a natural disaster on this scale will ensure that the country are attempting to repair and rebuild its worst affected states for many months and even years to come. Money is still being raised to help the worst affected areas, charities are still offering their services and volunteers are still helping in every way that they can to ensure families are able to have a roof over their heads once again. So many people have been left homeless since the disaster and will remain so for some time until they are able to have a new home built for them.


In January 2013, it was announced that $50 billion was going to be allocated to the clean up from hurricane sandy. A much needed financial injection that will allow the residents and the country to repair itself and being to recover both in terms of rebuilding communities but to repair the economy that took a severe hit when the tragedy struck.


There is little that can be done to provide enough time to accurately warn and evacuate residents of areas that are to be struck by natural disasters. There are warning systems in place already and experts are constantly looking out for potential threats. One thing that was established from hurricane sandy was the lack of time that residents had to brace themselves for the hurricane. Experts and scientists are now looking into ways to be able to spot the signs of a disaster as soon as they show themselves and to give adequate time to save lives and to make attempts to protect homes and businesses.

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  1. Things have gotten SO much better w/the warning systems before the hurricanes hit, but those times when there’s little prep time can really be scary.

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