The Homecoming Dance Decision and a Dress?

When I was in high school I had to make that decision to either go to the homecoming dance or not, well it was a no brainer for someone like me who had mostly older friends outside of high school, I chose not to go to the homecoming dance. Even though I am perfectly fine with the decision to have not gone to homecoming, I shall only hope that my three kids will eventually go and not that far out, my second children {the boyfriend’s kiddos} may be entering into the year of homecoming years. I know with the girls it’s all about finding that perfect homecoming dress and with the parents it’s usually, at least will be for me, finding that selection of cheap homecoming dresses to ensure we don’t go broke on a one time wear dress.

A LinePrincess Square Neckline >

I honestly love looking at all of the homecoming dresses that are available, it will be fun to find out what my daughter’s style will be once she nears that age of homecoming years. I personally would have preferred a simple, yet cute homecoming dress such as one like the A-line Square Neckline Princess dress When choosing a dress for homecoming I firmly believe that you need to encourage your daughter to pick a dress that accents her amazing figure and parts of her body that rock.

Let’s say your daughter ends up with wide hips, such as the lovely wide hips that run in my family, then you want to ensure that her homecoming dress really helps make those hips flow nicely and do not like all awkward in the homecoming dress. Usually having a sales person who has been trained in such areas will really allow you to ensure your daughter ends up with a picture perfect, affordable homecoming dress.

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  1. We’ve got that borderline thing w/my daughter wanting clothes that are a bit inappropriate (low cut or a tad too high). It’s a challenge to find something she loves and I think is good for her age. I like the dress you’ve featured here.

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