Flip Flop Season is Still On

Even though Fall is coming quickly it is still flip flop season for this girl. As soon as the snow melts and the ground is thawed I take out the nail polish, color my toe nails and wear flip flops all Summer long and most of the first part of Fall. I love that I own a variety of flip flops for all occasions. I am amazed at the selections stores have for flip flops these days, such as the Reef fanning flip flops, that can make a fashion statement too. The ability to have a flip flop for every chosen dress this Summer is a necessity for any girl out there who wants to show off those painted toes and toe rings in style.

Reef Fanning Flip Flops

Wearing flip flops is not all it’s cracked up to be for us girls though, most take a toll on our feet while other brands such as Reef flip flops have support built into them to assist in making flip flops as comfortable as possible. If you are on your feet a majority of the day then you will want to ensure your flip flops are stacked up to handle such wear and tear. Each evening when you sit down to relax, you know after those kids fall asleep and silence as fallen upon your home, soak your feet in some warm water and epsom salt.  I have found warm water with some epsom salt has really helped to keep feet smoother after wearing my flip flops day in and day out.

During flip flop season soaking your feet at end of day is vitally important but so is having a pedicure for some woman. I personally have never experienced a pedicure but hope to some day. I know when I see a girl with flip flops and cute toe nails it only intensifies my love for her flip flops. Yes, I can admit it, while I am not  a huge shoe fan, flip flops win me over Summer after Summer because they are simply cute.

While it’s important to have a stylish pair of flip flops, toes painted and some cute toe rings to boot, it is also important to keep your feet happy after flip flop wearing. Soak your feet each night so each morning your feet are happy to slip back into their Reef flip flops.

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