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One day I had just my sons and we figured we would get out to the library for a fun event on the side common after cashing in their reading charts for tokens and prizes. After this show we felt it would be a great idea to visit Friendly Farm in Dublin, NH. We have gone to Friendly Farm nearly every year and this would be the first time I would venture that way alone with my sons.

Friendly Farm (2)

After paying the admission to get into the Friendly Farm and purchasing some grain to feed the goats, the boys spent a majority of their time in the baby goat pen. These little guys were so adorable and much easier for the boys to feed than the older goats, who will jump all over you trying to snag your paper bag of food right from your hands.

Friendly Farm (9)

 You can see my “play it safe” son, Mister Aj was staying outside of the gates during our visit with the older goats. These goats are super friendly, but if you have food they seriously cannot help themselves but to act a little bit too “food happy”.

Friendly Farm (6)

I believe that we spent more time with these older goats and the baby goats than we did in any other area of Friendly Farm on this particular day. It was such a nice day for me to spend time with just the boys, there was nothing else important going on, no tasks needed to be done… a simple Mom and Sons day that was well enjoyed.

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