The Days of Wearing Makeup and a Tween Daughter

I do not usually wear a whole lot of makeup, never really have that I can recall, while there was this one stage in my mid teenager life that I believe blue eyeshadow made sense on my eyelids to accent my dark brown eyes. Little did I know that color really does not look good, at least in the manner I placed it on, with my deep, dark brown eyes. In present day you will usually find me wearing some full coverage foundation as a means to hide my freckles, dark spots under the eyes from lack of sleep and the occasional adult pimple that likes to show up once a month. My tween daughter has not yet asked to use a full coverage foundation option, instead she enjoys getting into my many other options of makeup choices from time to time.


My lovely tween daughter enjoys accenting her face from time to time with some eyeliner and the powder foundation, this learned from me. If I wear my full coverage foundation, I usually put powder foundation over it. I used to always wear eyeliner up until recently when I started not having time to shower until end of day. With many forms of natural cosmetics out there and the simple fact that my tween daughter will someday be a teenager, I will be looking for her own selection of natural cosmetics for her to use in her own makeup case. For now my tween daughter only has lip gloss, powder foundation, and eyeliner. From time to time I do allow my daughter to wear a light colored lip stick or such but never, ever do I allow her to wear mascara.

I tell you, I am glad that I am not a big makeup wearer because then I would have to spend more time explaining how I can cake makeup on my face but my daughter cannot. While I get that is part of life and parenting; us parents do many things our children cannot do, I would much prefer to teach my daughter to use natural cosmetics that bring out her normal beauty found on her face than to try to overkill cosmetics to make herself look like the teenage make up queen version of myself. I blame my old girlfriend for introducing me to such makeup ideas, by the way!

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  1. You’re lucky, my daughter is Ms. Makeup at times. Most days she likes to go without and I always let her know I love her face that way the best. 🙂

  2. Your comment about blue eye shadow reminded me of the lipstick I insisted on wearing in 7th and 8th grade. I wore a really dark lipstick shade that was definitely not for someone that age and not for someone who wore no other makeup. Now I am makeup free 99% of the time!

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