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Scandinavian-inspired home design remains one of the most popular interior design trends of all time, and is an absolutely classic style that draws its influences from two concepts: white and wood. Nordic homes are known for being cosy and welcoming, and make the most of sleek, crisp lines combined with the softening, rustic effect of wood. If you want to bring a bit of Scandinavian chic into your bathroom, read on.

The best way to tackle Scandinavian design in the bathroom is to opt for a fusion of modern and traditional items and styles. Contrary to popular belief, Nordic bathrooms don’t tend to resemble log cabins, and are actually very modern for the most part, especially ‘design bathrooms’. More so than most other countries, the Danes, Norwegians and Swedes favour clean, linear bathroom suites, generally in white. Think about installing a curve-sided bath and sink in the brightest white to reflect the snowy terrain of the area.

Wetrooms are much more popular in Northern Europe than much of the rest of the world. Lots of people feel a little apprehensive about having a wetroom installed, preferring the defined parameters of a shower, but once you’ve experienced the freedom of a wetroom it’s hard to go back to a shower cubicle. The flooring will need to slope slightly into a drainage system installed into the floor, and a large rain shower can be put in for the ultimate in liberating cleansing experiences.

If you want to take inspiration from the Finns, you will need to get yourself a sauna. This little piece of luxury will really kick your bathroom up a notch and set it apart from the rest, and there are lots of health benefits associated with steam. A traditional wooden sauna can be a fantastic asset to any house, and it will give it an authentically Nordic feel that can pull everything else in the room together.

While the Scandinavians love their slick white baths and sinks, this part of the world is also decidedly edgy, and it isn’t uncommon to see the Nordic love for knick knacks to span into the bathroom as well. Galvanised metal, beaten up mirror frames and wooden decorations can all be found in bathrooms in this part of the world. It’s similar to the ever-popular shabby chic look, but with less of the shabby and more of the homely. The Nordic look translates well into a bathroom as long as you’re willing to be a bit flexible with the traditional concepts of Nordic design.

Annette Norfolk writes for a number of online publications about the latest trends in bathroom design

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    Pretty sure my husband would like a sauna in the bathroom. I might not ever see him again because he’d be too content to come out, but I’m certain he’d like it. 😉