The 7 Year old Boy Now and Other Things

Sweet Aj is now 7 years old. He has grown so big in the past 7 years. About two weeks ago or three, he had a med change from risperidone to abilify. Due to many reasons, but as usual with a medication change it takes time to get the dosage right and it takes time to see if this is even the right medication. Finally Aj is on track and while he scowled at anyone who dare make a “big deal” out of him turning 7 today, he was a happy boy who had a day with Dad and came back with birthday presents.

On Monday my other son turns five. I don’t know why anyone ever says “terrible twos” for me, it was age 6 when my oldest and only daughter started acting “off” or in any way that I may deem “terrible two-ish” and my youngest boy has started being a tester of patience since age 4. As her nears 5 years of age I see no end in sight with his patience testing ways. This week it has been NO SLEEP. I don’t know what has gotten into him but he is wired.

I have been cooking better foods, from scratch. We have been eating healthier. This has helped with us all being fuller quicker! I also weighed Aj in today, each week on Tuesday morning I weigh him. We are suppose to keep track of his weight because it went pretty high on his rispderidone. The abilify is not known to really push weight onto kids, so I am making sure that is true. Aj is now down to 93lbs when he was up to 100lbs. I am happy to see his weight going down.

Anyways.. I know this was super rambling, but in all honest, with the lack of sleep from K-man this week I can barely speak, talk and I am really having a difficult time even being around people. This coming weekend there will be no kids in this house, that means Sat, Sun and Mon I will be able to recoup my brain, catch up on sleep and move forward for more happy week ahead! For now, I write when needed and take a break when needed.

Have a wonderful evening my friends! If you are looking for me, I will be the one on FB trying to keep my eyes open until my almost five year old decides to CRASH asleep!

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