Need a New Washing Machine? Choose It Right!

What’d you look for when you buy a washing machine? Is it after-sales service, consumption of water, how energy efficient it is, whether it’s a front or top loader, or how well it cleans clothes?

The most important point to consider when you wish to buy a washing machine is what your washing needs are and how many loads you would wash every week. Based on that, you could decide on the size and capacity of the machine. Other parameters you could consider are whether you should buy a top loader or a front loader, how easy it is to use any, how easy it is to maintain it, how efficiently it uses energy, how much space it takes up, how much noise it makes and the like.

You could start with comparing front loaders and top loaders. Front loaders are said to use much less water than top loaders. Also, they are more energy efficient than top loaders. But the disadvantage is that you must bend down to load the machine or access the clothes after washing. Plus, with the door in front, you would have to make sure there’s excess space in front when you open it. On that count, the top loader is much easier to access. Those with back problems, lay off front loaders.

Also, check for automatic temperature sensing, because this system mixes water to the right temperature. A very important thing to ensure is that the door shuts well. On the noise front, choose something that doesn’t make a racket and drowns all other sounds. Other questions you must get answers to – does it sense dryness automatically and does it ensure wrinkle-free clothes?

If you have many loads a week, it would be best to go in for a stainless steel tub. Check if the washing machine has the technology to understand how much water is really required. That would work well for you, because if you use more water than is required, the clothes may not really get clean as the detergent can get quite dilute. Also, check what kind of cycles it offers. In other words, does it wash a range of clothes – from dirty jeans to a soft toy? Ask if the clothes come out tangle-free. Another feature you could look for is a delayed start. Then it could wash just when you want it to. And then, what’s the after sales service like? Because word of mouth gets around real quick and customers really value service after sales. So, if someone lets out that the service isn’t up to the mark, potential customers would rather not buy the machine.

The best thing to do would be to ask others who already own washing machines and what to look out for. Says a cousin, “I’d buy a washing machine that doesn’t make too much noise, occupy too much space, crush and wrinkle clothes, has a delayed start so it washes clothes when I want it to, and allows me to finish reading a book, while it works away.” That just about sums up what a good washing machine ought to do.

Good luck!

This guest post was submitted by a home appliance enthusiast, who likes sharing her tips on energy efficiency and interior design.

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  1. When ours went on the fritz I’d have welcomed a wring washer, lolol But you’re right, it’s important to choose the features you’re going to want on an ongoing basis. You’ll miss them if you don’t.

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