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We took a break from our crazy move to spend some time at our local library for a show and registration for our Summer reading program. One show that took place on registration day was Mike Bent presents Readers of the Lost Book.

Readers of the Lost Book

This was a cute, fun break from our crazy month of packing and weekend of moving things. My three kids enjoyed spending the day hanging out at the library and they also enjoyed watching this show. Mike Bent puts on a cute show, so if you have never seen him, I think you should check out his website to see if he is available in your area or not.

Mike Bent Summer 2013

Video cameras were not allowed but I took as many pictures as I could with my poor cell phone camera and here are a couple from the show.

NH Summer Reading Programs

The six year old, Mister Aj, was reading during the show because he really did not want to see Mike Bent. I have been impressed with how much my six year old son has been reading. In the past he would have thrown a fit about watching this show because he didn’t want to, but I stood firm because the other two wanted to go. We walked into the Library Arts Center and voila … Aj sat next to me and opened up a book during the show. His siblings sat on the carpet to get a better look at Mike Bent’s show.

Aj is shown above reading at lunch that we had after the show…. love seeing my kids enjoy books!

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  1. Rosey (1031 comments)

    The library is awesome for summertime activities. Glad you got a break from all that goes with moving.