Planning a Boys Birthday Party in August

I am planning a birthday party for my sons, for the first time ever. These two boys are 2 years and 6 days apart. Having always celebrated with their Dad, myself and maybe my sister and her husband with cake, ice cream and presents, usually the boys do not have any form of a birthday party. This year shall be different, Aj is turning 7 and has made some friends having been in school for K and 1st Grade. Even my little one who is turning 5 has made some friends from being in pre-k this past year. That means, with the lovely world of Facebook, I have connections to parents of children my sons may want to come to a birthday party and so that translates to .. This Mama is planning a combined August birthday party for both of these two boys …

Planning a Boys Birthday Party

Aj is all about having a birthday party, the kid is flat out excited to be turning 7 and to be able to invite friends over. He already started drawing invites to his b-day party to three or four friends without me even having set a date and time in stone yet. I am thinking the birthday party will be August 24th. Aj would like to have chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, prizes for games we can play in our backyard and if a warm day – use a sprinkler.

Now I have to be on the look out for boys birthday party ideas, because in all reality this truly IS my first time planning a boys birthday party. In October, I have my daughter but that is relatively easy (or at least used to be)…

Next, K-man is not too impressed about idea of a b-day party because he wants to go to Chuck E Cheeses, you know, where a kid can be a kid?! That won’t be happening this year, too expensive for my budget. I would much rather enjoy our new house with a nice BBQ, cake, ice cream, kids running wild and great company!

So while I try to continue to unpack and get organized here in the new homestead, I also am working on creating a celebration for my sons who will be turning 5 & 7 in August!



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  1. My kindergartner got invited to more parties last year than I did (by far!). The kids love to have them and they love to attend. 🙂

    Good luck w/the plans (half the fun!).

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