Officially Moved, but Still Not Settled in Completely

There is something happy about joining two families together; the boyfriend and his kids plus my kids and me but in all honesty it also adds a huge change for so many. My daughter and his daughter share a room part time, as his kids are here part time, not all of the time – they “live” with their mom whereas my kids “live” with me and visit their Dad’s. As we worked to move all of our stuff into this new house we have come up with a list of various things we realize we need now with the changes and combining of families.

My son's bunk beds in their new bedroom!
My son’s bunk beds in their new bedroom!

For instance, the girls share a room part time but need better space for their room, having two twin beds in there isn’t really feasible so we are on the look out for free or cheap loft beds or bunk beds. We basically need at least one loft style bed for my boyfriend’s son’s bedroom and a twin set up or two loft beds for the girls. It’s not something we are going to go out and spend money we don’t have to spend on but I have been keeping my eyes peeled on Craigslist and other sites to see what I can find for free or super cheap. I am not, however, getting any second hand mattresses, we simply need the setup or frame as it’s called.

There are some dressers needed for our clothing, but in all honestly, as we live out of boxes for a bit and slowly work on unpacking, we are all so happy to be together. The house has a lot more room and the layout of having a real living room for the first time in ages, totally ROCKS!

Many games of chess have been played in between unpacking!
Many games of chess have been played in between unpacking!

We would be unpacked completely by now had we not have five kids to entertain this week, but our kids will forever come first so we slowly work on unpacking then do fun kid/family things in between. That’s how we roll, balancing act of getting things done while still taking care of the kiddos needs and enjoying our new truly happily blended family!

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  1. Wishing you the best of times and experiences. I love that you stop working to play, and that’s a serious Chess Face your son’s sporting. 🙂

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