Before the Move … Getting Things Prepared for Moving Truck

I am amazed at how well we all worked together as a family unit, yes all seven of us, to get the truck packed up for the move. Granted my daughter wasn’t there for that first day of packing up the truck but she assisted before she went with her Dad. I was very impressed watching Miss Ki use a socket set to take apart her own bed frame so that we could pack it on the truck the next day.

Independent daughter (2)

Yes, my daughter takes right after her Mama in the independent woman department. I love that, while at her age hormones keep raging, she still does things to help around the house and shows her independent nature often. It was fun helping Ki packed up her bedroom but now we have her boxes full in new room while we wait to find a bunk bed setup as she is sharing a bedroom with Chey and they need more floor space. Their pull out twin bed and other twin bed takes up too much of their floor space in room.

Hopefully soon we can let the girls unpack their bedroom boxes and settle into their new room better, but for now they enjoy having their own space in our new family home!

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