“This Love is Forever” a Book for Children of Divorce Giveaway and Review

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A mother and daughter teamed up to write a positive book about divorce, it’s difficult for children of all ages to experience divorce. I, myself, was a product of divorce having gone through that with my parents around age 12. I recall being okay with my parents being apart because I knew for many reasons they could no longer be married, the signs of their love falling apart were very evident to my sister and I, but it was still difficult to swallow not having my father around every day as he was the previous years of my life. I went from seeing my Dad every day to seeing him every other weekend as most children do. Then there are children like mine who have two parents who work around schedules to help keep a connection and visitation going through out the weeks, it’s difficult to know what type of schedule will ultimately be the best for the children but with my sons being so young and before with my daughter being a baby when the split happened, it made sense to try to keep the kids seeing their Dads as often as they see Mom. Less transition works for some but not for all.

This Love is ForeverRegardless of how the visits are split up, divorce is difficult. Divorce is not only hard on parents involved but on the children. A lot of times children question if it is their fault, younger children wonder if their parents will fall out of love with them and the list goes on of symptoms and emotions that children can show related from a divorce situation. This Love is Forever brings on a cute story, written by a mother in response to her daughter’s question “Why are we divorced”. I can commend this mother for writing such a story as I, myself, have been working on books with my own daughter as a way to share our bond as mother and daughter.

This Love is Forever reads in a rhyming fashion which is always an attention grabber for my younger two boys. Since my two boys had to deal with their Dad and me divorcing at an age where they had been more “aware” that Mom and Dad split, this book was a perfect addition to our bookshelf. The boys do occasionally have questions, they still have difficulty understanding that, while we do similar family traditions that we have done with Daddy in the past, we are now a divided family and Daddy does things with them apart from Mommy and vice versa but we both love them dearly. My boys are lucky in that their Dad and I are great friends, this is a great book that really helps share thoughts I have had and wanted to say but was not sure how to formulate those thoughts into the appropriate words at my sons age levels.

I commend Mavis Prall Cohen for her ability to write such a beautiful story in such a simple way that shares a big message….. “This Love is Forever … a book for children of divorce and their parents”. If you are at a loss of words on how to explain Love is Forever, even after divorce to your children, I do believe you should give this book a shot. I personally love reading it as a bedtime book since I read to each of my kids before bed every night.

I invite you to take a peek at this book, you may purchase This Love is Forever on Amazon.com. If you have questions for the author feel free to comment below and my contact will work to get answers for you. I am proud to be a part of promoting this book and hope that you will take a moment to share this with your friends too!

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  1. Your children are very lucky that you’re so responsible w/their feelings. It’s one of my fave things to read here because it’s highly unusual

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