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Our first few nights in the new house we had a visitor, well he came over in broad daylight too…

Guard Pug and Neighbors Cat (3)

A super friendly beautiful kitty with thumbs.. so I believe that is called double pawed? Either way, he is adorable. The kids questioned feeding him and we said no way! Never feed a stray animal, he will keep coming back. The kids loved him, we loved him, but he was not our kitty…

Guard Pug and Neighbors Cat (2)

After a couple of days of this cat trying to get into our house, we noticed that he was over at the neighbors so I asked their kids if that was their kitty and they said yes. So we found it’s owners, but that has not stopped our Pug from being on guard for Cat Duty, she will not be having cats in her new backyard …

Guard Pug and Neighbors Cat (1)

Jenny the Pug is often found on Guard like shown above, because she does not want that kitty in our yard…. it’s adorable. I laugh so hard at how my little pug seems to think she is some huge guard dog, after all when she is on guard she barks like Donald Duck (no joke).

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