{infographic} Staying Safe this Summer

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Summer brings on hot weather, outdoor fun and so much more! With that being said, Summer time can also bring so much fun that we neglect to protect ourselves and our children from the dangers Summer time brings. When my family heads to the pool or river on a hot day, we make sure to bring plenty of water. For instance, our most recent trip to the beach involved a gallon of water plus being brought to ensure each of us would stay hydrated.

Other dangers involve too much sunlight, I am carrying a sun burn this year for the second time. Sun block or sun screen as some call it is important. Be sure to keep you and your family safe this Summer by peeking at the below infographic, this is a cute and quick way to remind yourselves to stay safe this Summer!

Staying Safe This Summer

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  1. Rosey (1027 comments) says:

    Not one summer passes without a bee sting in our house (and of course pesky mosquito bites too).

    We always keep bottled water close by because it does get hot fast, esp. if you’re playing.

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