What would you take on your Tasty Picnic? Tips to hit the bingo jackpot

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The sun’s out and it’s time to haul the family off the sofa and into the light of day, to finally get some Vitamin D and enjoy a bit of fresh air. What better way to celebrate than with a family picnic? Let the kids run wild while you sit back with a bottle of wine and some delicious summer treats. Best of all, you could enjoy all of this for free: the lovely people at Tasty Bingo are encouraging us to get off the computer and outside with a picnic promotion!

What would you take on the picnic?

There’s £1000 to be won in this bingo contest, spread over 10 people every week until the end of June. That works out to £25 each – more than enough to fuel a family picnic. So, the only question left to answer is: which summer celebration works best for you?

1. The family gathering

The classic family picnic is guaranteed to keep everyone happy. You don’t need anything elaborate or fancy, just plenty of finger food, fizzy drinks and a nice big picnic blanket. £25 goes a long way towards sausage rolls, carrot sticks, coca-cola and fruit juice, and you can make sure everyone’s favourite foods are hidden in the basket.

2. The elegant picnic

Of course, al-fresco dining doesn’t have to be basic, and you might enjoy trying out something more sophisticated. Stock up on fancy cheeses, crackers, wine and plenty of grapes for decadent grown-up fun. Add pate and salad to refresh the palate, and you get extra points for placing fairy-lights in nearby trees to create midsummer magic.

3. The active picnic

Spend a small portion on the foody bits, a few sandwiches and salads, and keep everyone active with the rest. You could invest that £25 in new sports equipment, a great garden activity or a trip into the country for a walk. Bring everyone together with games instead of just food!

Finding it hard to pick one option? There’s good news – one lucky winner each week will receive an actual picnic hamper, freeing up even more money for the fun stuff!

How to make this picnic a reality?

There’s no easier way to find the money than to take a little bingo flurry. With 10 places awarded each week, there’s plenty of opportunity to cash in on the Tasty Bingo Picnic – not to mention what you might get in regular winnings. Never played before? Here are a few quick tips to help you out:

Only certain patterns win, and in the coming weeks, we’re going for cakes and then cocktails so read the rules before you play. Practice in a free game online before you start if you want to build confidence.

There’s a few gaming options, so choose the one that suits you best. Usually 90 ball can offer  more chances to win, but 75 ball can lead to bigger prizes.

Pick your cards well – higher denomination cards tend to pay out better, so in bingo the old quality over quantity rule tends to ring true. Plus, having fewer cards makes it easier to keep an eye on your numbers!

Above all, have fun! What are you waiting for, play bingo now to make that dream picnic come true and soak up the sun in style!

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