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Today I get to share with you a whole new way to listen to music and share your music with friends, it’s called Flips™. These new headphones have impressed the tech, music geeks in my home; a teen boy and his father. The quality is really great and they enjoyed the fact that you cannot hear any external noises while using these Flips™ as headphones. The other fun factor about Flips™ is that you can drop the headphones around your neck, turn the ear pieces around and share your music with friends, making Flips™ a more social listening experience among friends.


Flips™ have a retail price point of $120 and are an impressive headset rivaling any on the market with their sleek, high-tech, no-expense-spared-design and sound quality. Flips™ are available in Black/Electric Lime or White/Racing Red color combinations and come with a protective carrying case. I know that my family was super impressed with the quality, the design and the carrying case for these Flips™. I am sure they will come along with my family during any Summer day trips or vacations as a way to share music with each other. Thankfully the Flips™ can be used as speakers in a way to avoid the sibling rivalry among using these headphones.


Today I am excited to not only share with you these awesome Flips™ but to also provide you with a discount code* where you can go to www.flipsaudio.com and enter this discount code FA0010INT that will allow you to save $10 off your purchase of Flips™ and allow you FREE upgraded rush shipping. This discount code only applies to purchase on www.flipsaudio.com and is valid from June 12, 2013 through July 16, 2013. *Each unit purchased will receive $10.00 Off the online retail price plus we’ll “upgrade” your shipping from ground to Rush 3-Day at no additional cost to you. This Offer is unlimited in quantity and cannot be combined with any other offers.

Free Product

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  1. When my oldest has a song on he wants me to hear he always tries to fit him and me under his headphones, lol. This would be more ideal, though the other is a cheap way to get a snuggle in. He’s grown so I don’t get too many of those anymore. 😉

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