There is Seriously Never a Dull nor Boring Moment Around Here

I have to laugh out loud, literally, more often than not residing in this household. If it were not for my ability to laugh when crap hits the fan, I would be a total stress ball. I do stress. Do not get me wrong. It just takes a lot more than most people I know is all. Unless it’s that-time-of-the-month, then I am just a wreck.

IMG_20130604_095847If it wasn’t for raising three kids and trying to really allow them to enjoy childhood, I would install a velcro wall with velcro suits so that the little ones get stuck to the wall for a time out long enough for us all to breath. The boys are awesome, but that little one of mine is constantly running, zoom this way, zoom that way. My little one is curious about everything. Every. Single. Thing.

The curious nature of my youngest is great, but often means he is getting into mischief. He wants to know how everything in his world works. My youngest must learn how this item comes apart so he can put it back together. My youngest wants to know how and why this, that and the other thing work too. It takes up a lot of energy to answer such questions creatively in a way that he will accept as the “real answer” too.

IMG_20130516_185536Then you have my first born and only daughter who is going through the normal into tween ages here where the body changes, the hormones are on a roller coaster and well they are messing with my hormones so we align up real well about once or twice a week every month. That is a blast, I feel so bad for those men in the house during that time.  My daughter used to help a lot more than she does now but maybe that’s my fault, I wanted her to be more of a child than try to step in as Mom Junior all of the time as she had in the past.

Trying to find balance with my three kids really isn’t difficult per say, it just takes a lot of focus, drive and no outside conversations with actual adults during the process of juggling them. It’s been known to be said “You cannot have a real conversation in this household until the boys are down to bed” and that is totally true.

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