The Day the Daughter Brought Home her Marionette

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Do we say puppet after the word marionette or not? Either way, this is about the day my daughter brought home her marionette from her Dad’s home to show me it. The thing is named Emu and is totally freaky to me, but my daughter loves this thing, ahem, sorry, my daughter loves Emu.

Daughters marionette

On the day my daughter brought Emu home, it was a night that I didn’t have the boys but I had her. This meant mother/daughter time and we chose to go to a local ice cream place that we love to get ice cream cones at. Emu had to come too.


I will be honest with you all this thing freaks me out. It looks like it’s staring back and forth, all around, while it “walks” next to my daughter. So we took Emu to the ice cream shop only to find out that my daughter brought Emu so I could be in charge of holding it. I said no way.

I laughed when my daughter told me to hold Emu now. I was like no way am I holding this thing, it’s yours and you made the choice to bring it so I guess you can figure out how to deal with your little marionette. She promptly replied “It’s EMU”. Ah .. Emu. That’s right. So you can figure out how to take care of EMU then. Emu is not mine 😉

Thankfully Emu belongs at her Dad’s house so by the time this post goes live I bet Emu shall have returned to his or her proper home.  And I will no longer be watching my back for a marionette puppet to come to life!

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  1. Rosey (1026 comments) says:

    LOL, that’s hysterical!! My son has a blue dog he won a couple of years ago at a game, he treats it like it’s real. It’s not creepy though, lolol

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