My Daughter and her Hair

Every morning I ask my daughter if I can do her hair. I miss the days when she would happily let me do pig tail braids, one big braid or two french braids in her hair but those days have passed us  in our mother/daughter lives. It is now the season for hair brushed and kept down. All. The Time.


And yes at times she does taunt me with that look of “what you gonna do about it?” when I ask if I can do her hair and she replies no then I pout like a little kid. No. Take that back. I don’t pout. I just sigh the sigh of a Mom who realizes her child is growing too quickly.

The thing is, recently my daughter has started to let me do her hair, granted it’s a pony tail more often than not but one morning I wittingly convinced her to let me do a hairstyle on her head that I haven’t done in ages to her. While I sported this look days prior, she wasn’t home to see it and be reminded of it. I was the wonderful Mama who reminded her that she would be unique with this hairstyle on this day at school.


Granted my daughter’s hair is super long and difficult to do this hairstyle with, but essentially it is two cute messy buns instead of the cute braid pig tails she used to let me do. I will be happy with any hairstyle she allows me to do in her hair because her hair is so long and beautiful that I want these years left in her childhood to be a Mama who can decorate her daughter’s hair with cool hairstyles.


I also love that my daughter is occasionally allowing me to do different hairstyles in her hair and she also let’s my boyfriend’s daughter do a waterfall braid in her hair on weekends. While I can no longer do the little girl pig tail braids in my daughter’s hair, she does still give me time to be a Mama and do some hairstyles. For that I am thankful.

Sometimes it’s the small moments that mean the biggest for my Mama heart.

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