Do Children Need Special Mattresses?

Do Children Need Special Mattresses
Special mattresses help children get the quantity and quality of sleep that they need. Image

Home furniture salespeople can tell you an interesting fact: despite investing heavily in education for their children, most parents will happily cut corners when it comes to the mattress and bed sheets that their children sleep on.

It’s an understandable fact of life, and one that’s no fault of the parents. After all, it seems silly to invest in high quality bedding for children, given that they sweat, wet the bed, and occasionally use their mattresses as makeshift trampolines.

Despite this, there’s a great deal of value in buying your children a mattress that fits in with their unique requirements. From growing pains to pure comfort, giving your child a special mattress has numerous benefits both for them and for you.

Children benefit from supportive mattresses

We’re easily sold on premium mattresses. We patiently listen while the salesperson explains their benefits to our spine, our brain, and our body. We sit down on them in the department store and sink into a trance on their soft, ultra-comfortable surface.

We’re easily sold because premium mattresses are better. Since children grow at an exceptional rate and spend as long as ten hours per day in bed, it just makes sense to give them a comfortable, supportive mattress to sleep on.

Great sleep for your children means great sleep for you

We’ve all seen the telltale physical signs of infant parenting: stress lines under the eyes, rapid-onset wrinkles, and a constant look of sleepiness and fatigue. While no infant will sleep perfectly, a good mattress can improve your children’s sleep.

Enjoy a full night’s sleep without having to wake up every half hour. Benefit from deep REM sleep – something that many parents quickly forget about. Wake up and feel refreshed and full of energy, instead of ready to slip back under the covers.

Fast-growing kids need a comfortable place to sleep

Sleep deprivation has horrible effects in adults. It has even worse effects in kids. As a child, the body produces an incredible amount of growth hormone. This hormone is essential for the growth – both in height and sheer size – that children experience.

One of the most prominent effects of childhood sleep deprivation is a suppressed endocrine system – namely, a decrease in growth hormone output. Give your kids the hormonal health that they need for optimum growth by investing in a special children’s mattress.

This article was written by, a leading supplier of special mattresses for children. Visit their website to learn more about ensuring that your kids get a great night’s sleep, every night.

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  1. You are so spot on with this one, I totally scrimped on my son’s bedding for his top bunk. Once I got the mattress, I wished I hadn’t.

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