Do You Babysit your Kids Stuffed Animals?

Well I do.

My four year old son happily has his Mom or his Dad “babysit” various toys of his, there is Baby Junior the pet dinosaur that I do believe is being watched by his Dad over at his Dad’s place. There is Bear-D who is now Dogg-E but is a stuffed bear. Do not ask. I tried to ask, the answer made no sense. Then there is Puppy who is indeed a stuffed puppy. Then there is Turtle because he is a mini pillow pet turtle, so why not just call him Turtle. Sometimes K-man calls him Turt-E but I feel that sounds too close to Turd to even call him that.


Shown above is Turtle and he had to keep a close on me one day while I took a shower. K-man had placed Turtle on top of the boom box I have yet to return to my daughter’s bedroom and refused to let me move this stuffed animal. I had to babysit Turtle while K-man ate his lunch. Lucky stuffed animal “Dad” gets to eat lunch in peace, wish I had that luxury!

Bear-D aka Dogg-E

This is Bear-D which I still call and still get in trouble for calling him that. This little stuffed bear’s name is now Dogg-E and he spends a lot of time on my bed as shown here. This is the one stuffed animal that K-man allows to sleep with me. Not only do I watch all of his stuffed animals during the day, occasionally they even hang out in my office at home while I work, I have to sleep with this one named Dogg-E as well.

I was relieved to find out that another Mom has a daughter who does this same thing. The daughter is in my son, K-man’s preschool class. I watched as this Mom walked down to pick up her daughter, talking with me the other day, holding onto a Lady and the Tramp {Lady} stuffed animal. The mom went on to explain basically that she babysits Lady for her daughter just like I babysit K-man’s stuffies for him.

None of the other kids did this when they were younger, so I am having fun with it and totally taking my job seriously. Maybe I should start taking pictures of my babysitting stuffed animal days and blog more because these stuffed animals really love to par-tay while their “Dad” is at preschool.

Moms… we really do anything to please our kids don’t we?

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  1. I’m sure I have babysat stuffed little ones at some point, lol. I remember handing my dolls off to my mom when we were out, for her to babysit (Because I didn’t want to carry them anymore πŸ˜‰ ).

    This is a cute post. πŸ™‚

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