7 Ways Kids are Just Way Better People Than Adults

IMG_4405An Uplifting Guest Post from Andrew Kardon

My posts generally tend to lean towards the funny, goofy, wacky side that most daddy bloggers seem to enjoy. But for this post, Brandy actually preferred a more inspirational type one. Knowing that Brandy and her daughter created an awesome self-esteem book together, and just having gotten to know her over the past year or so, I was more than happy to oblige. While I’ve never met her in person, I can always count on Brandy for a laugh or some solid support. I’m proud to call her one of my blogging friends. Thanks very much, Brandy, for letting me borrow your blog for the next 800 words or so…

Kids are just awesome. I don’t mean just mine (’cause they’re the most awesomest, of course), but all kids. They’re just these adorable little non-stop questioning balls of pure energy. In fact, in many ways, kids are so much better than adults.

No, I’m not just talking about that whole “children are our future” line. I’m specifically honing in on what they do, how they think, what they say, etc. What follows are 7 ways in which kids are just way better people than adults. Folks of all ages could do well to pay attention the next time they’re interacting with a bunch of toddlers. After all, if you’re not careful, you just may learn a thing or two.

1. Pure Imagination – Save for Willie Wonka, Pee Wee Herman and the late Michael Jackson, no adult gives much thought to fantasy land. Kids, on the other hand, let their imagination guide them on a daily basis. My youngest son Ryan can make a game out of just about anything, including a set of keys or a salt and pepper shaker.

2. Color Blind – This one has nothing to do with eyesight, and everything to do with skin color. Unlike a number of adults, kids couldn’t care less if your skin is white, black, brown, tan, orange, purple, whatever! What they do care about is that you’re a nice kid who likes to have fun. That’s it. And that’s all it should be.

3. Inquisitive – More adults (myself included) should stop accepting so many things as is, and instead start asking a lot more questions. Just because something’s been done a certain way for decades, doesn’t mean it’s the right way to do it. To kids, everything is a new experience so questioning is one valuable tool they have to help them learn. While missing half of the dialogue in the latest Star Trek movie thanks to a zillion questions like, “Is that guy Mr. Spork?” or “Why did he kill that guy?” can be a bit frustrating, I still love that fact that my kids won’t just sit idly by without understanding something.

4. Disabilities – It’s interesting how parents are super quick to notice even the most minor of disabilities in another child. They may try to act differently to make things less awkward, which of course, always backfires. But kids? Well in rare instances will a kid even ask another kid what happened or what’s wrong with them. And even then, after being told about a disability, most kids would simply respond with something simple like, “So, do you want to play?”

5. Dream Big – Ask any kid what they want to be when they grow up and what kind of answers do you get? Major League Baseball player. Astronaut. Ballerina. President of the United States. Notice that no kid ever says, “An accountant!” You’d be hard pressed to find a youngling longing for a career in advertising or plumbing. Kids dream big and they believe 1000% in those dreams. And that’s just 12 kinds of awesomesauce! Adults get way too complacent in their lives, not just in their careers. Just because we’re older, doesn’t mean we still can’t dream. And if we push ourselves enough, we can actually take a stab at making those dreams become reality.


6. Honest Enthusiasm – When’s the last time you got super excited about something? I’m talking about grinning ear to ear as you literally jump up and down on the couch excited. Unless your name is Tom Cruise and you’re on the Oprah Show, chances are the last time was five minutes past never. Yes, we get excited. We scream. We high five. We do touchdown dances and the like. But adult enthusiasm and kid enthusiasm are world’s apart. First off, kids will get super pumped over even the smallest things in the world. Extra dessert? Five bonus minutes before bedtime? Grandma’s coming to visit?!? And the enthusiasm is 100% pure. You can feel the total happiness and joy just oozing out of their little hearts, can’t you?

7. They’re the Best Huggers – Yes, adults hug. We kiss. We show affection to one another in loads of ways. (Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter!) And you can be so in love with someone that a hug literally seems to erase the entire universe except for the two of you. But unless you actually have kids, you’ll never know the feeling of that little guy wrapping his arms and legs around you and squeezing so very tight. You are their everything and in that warm embrace, they certainly let you know it.

Andrew Kardon is the Editor-in-Chief and Daddy at Large over at Mommy’s Busy, Go Ask Daddy. He’s also a freelance writer who spends many a night sharing his parenting thoughts over at Singlemommie.com despite the fact that he’s neither single nor a mom.

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