Nothing More Wonderful Than Boys Who Look up To their Daddy

My sons make me smile so much so. These two boys are the most wild of creatures at times, I even have to question if my four year old is not 90% animal a majority of the time, the kid is so fully of wild man/animal nature that it shocks me. Never have I seen boys who are so close in age get along so well, feed off of each other to instigate the family and simply have this amazing close knit bond that my whole family seems to have. I am proud of my boys and who they have become thus far, being that they are only 4 & 6, I am sure there are going to be many more years of me being proud of their abilities to be individuals and keep a smile on my face and a warmth in my heart.

Boys just want to have funOne thing that I noticed about my sons, that I never have witnessed before with anyone, is the way they look up to their Dad. The boys will often tell people, my boyfriend included, that their Dad is the biggest man ever. Dad is stronger than Hulk and Dad can do anything. The fact that these boys look up to their Dad in such an amazing, loving and proud way makes me smile. I love seeing that these two boys are able to enjoy the family they have here, they really do like my boyfriend and his kids as well as their sister, but they have this bond with their Dad unlike anything I have ever seen. The boys are not fearful to let other people know that their Dad rocks and it’s adorable to witness.

My two sons Dad recently bought a suburban, it has a lift kit in it and super big tires, if you ask the boys they will tell you that their Dad has a big truck with monster truck tires; adorable. The boys love that their Dad is there for them, interacting and being Dad. I love that my boys have this with their Dad, even though we may not have worked together in a marriage, we simply co-parent pretty well and it shows in how our sons behavior is around the clock. These boys are blessed to have two parents who are so willing to realize that we are great friends, but simply two people who, when living together, just clash in such a way that made us realize we are better off staying friends than pushing a relationship and hating each other.

I love that my sons have both a Mom and a Dad they look up to, but let’s face it, they are boys so it’s even more wonderful that they have a father with whom they can relate to, cherish and look up to so that someday they can be “just like Daddy”, that is what parenting is all about – being proud of them so in turn they are proud of you. Nothing warms my heart more than kids who cherish their parents and nothing warms my heart more than knowing my kids cherish theirs 100%.

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  1. My oldest and my youngest have this same thing w/their dad. It is nice.

    Today at my youngest child’s soccer game I noticed the two mouthiest dads there (they always are, and not in bad way, they’re both just very vocal). It dawned on me that they’re BOTH the same child’s dads (biological and step). I thought that was nice. And the kid is a rocking player too. 🙂

  2. Well….I actually think my boys look up to their step dad more than their real dad. They are perceptive and have already picked up on the type of person their real dad actually is. It’s kind of sad, but at least he’s in their lives.

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