Why Are Prescription Sunglasses Worth The Cost?

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More and more people around the world need to wear glasses to correct their vision. In America alone, 64% of citizens wear glasses and although the exact number is not known for the UK, it is estimated that an increasing percentage of the population are short-sighted.

Many choose to wear contact lenses but this isn’t any option for everyone. Glasses are great but what happens when it gets to summertime and you need to protect your eyes from the glaring sun? Prescription sunglasses are key.

Generally, they are more expensive than cosmetic sunglasses however; they are definitely worth the investment.

  • Enjoy the outdoors

If you play a lot of outdoor activities, like tennis or biking, they all require you to have good vision but on a sunny day, you will not have this with normal sunglasses. Not being aware of your surroundings can be dangerous, especially in sports.

What’s more, if you do wear contact lenses, there may be situations when glasses are safer for example in the swimming pool, or on the beach. It is not advised to swim whilst wearing contact lenses due to eye infections and you could get sand/debris blown into your eyes.

  • Safe driving

It goes without saying that you need the best vision possible when driving. If you need to wear glasses, you should never get behind the wheel without them. But what happens when the sun is intense? Don’t cause an accident, simply because you are unable to see properly.

  • Better quality

Not all sunglasses are of great quality and some offer poor eye protection against harmful UV rays. Going cheap on your glasses may save your purse strings but it will ultimately cost you your eyesight. UV radiation can damage the cornea and the eyelid, potentially causing cataract. Your health should never be sacrificed.

  • Great choice

Modern technology means that prescription sunglasses are now manufactured in an extensive range which means there is greater choice than ever before. Get whatever colour, style, and brand you want.

So as you can see, prescription sunglasses are much more convenient for summertime and are a worthwhile investment. Besides, they may be cheaper than you think!

This article was written by Sunglasses UK, the leading specialists in prescription sunglasses. Visit the site today for a vast range of brands including prescription ray ban sunglasses.

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  1. I just ordered prescription sunglasses for my 8 year old. He really needs them for the beach, but I just have regular old $12.99 sunglasses that I wear to the beach. I figured it was more important for him to have them.

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