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To me, Mother’s Day is simply just another day. I celebrate being a Mom each and every waking moment. My kids have always and will always come first. I have that perfect balance of mom and friend with my children that allows for us all to be extremely close knit. I am proud to have three amazingly awesome, sweet and caring children who, even if they don’t always like my rules, love me and enjoy spending time together being silly, playing board games, coloring pictures and building with blocks.

Mother Daughter Lunch on Mothers Day

This particular Mother’s Day I didn’t have my children with me, my oldest was with her Dad and the boys were with their Dad but this year something out of the ordinary happened, I was able to have my daughter with me for a lunch date. I went to pick her up, later than planned because I woke up near 11am when I was suppose to get her around 11:30am, and we headed off for a mother/daughter lunch date. With two active boys, it’s difficult for us to get that mother/daughter time beyond the twenty minutes or so we get after the boys have gone to sleep so our lunch date was such a sweet treat.

Mother's Day Hat

We shared a blooming onion, she had fried scallops and I had roasted turkey. We also had a salad bar prior to our meal so we were pretty much full by the time our full courses came, which meant lots of a left overs to bring home. I love left overs! We shared laughter, smiles and had wonderful conversations during our lunch date. My daughter gave me a cute card she had made, a Mom pendent to put on a necklace chain and she even made me a hat. The hat is slightly small but I am so proud of her ability to make such items.

Then, after our lunch date, I returned my daughter to her Dad and went home to finish my day. Later in the evening my sons called me to say Happy Mother’s Day which was another special treat for me. Aedan was super talkative and super sweet on the phone, he sounded so much older chatting with me on the phone, my baby is growing up. Next it was Karter’s turn to chat it up but he wanted no part of the phone so I didn’t get to speak with him. It was still a nice gesture that my ex husband had them call me and it warmed my heart to end my wonderful Mother’s Day.

I hope that all of you who read my blog, that are mothers, had a beautiful day too.

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  1. Rosey (1059 comments)

    It does sound like a great Mother’s Day lunch (and phone call) and I love the hat! 🙂 High five to your daughter on her mad skills!!