Should I Take “Baby-bump” Photos or not?

reasons to take a baby bump photoThese days, it is typical for many to track large events in their lives through photographs that are posted online, given to family members, or even used on invitations or holiday cards. Even though the trend to take “baby-bump” photos during pregnancy is a huge one, in recent years, some mothers may have mixed feelings. Read on to decide whether you should take these sorts of photos or not while expecting:

Reasons to Take Baby Bump Photos

Many may take baby bump photos because they are excited or proud of their upcoming child, or of their growing family. Others may be influenced by photos of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton, and more to celebrate their pregnancy with such photos. Some believe that taking such photos helps to keep their friends and family (especially those that are far flung) in the loop about the progress of their pregnancy, and how they are doing. Indeed, this is a good way to keep others up-to-date on your progress, health, and more. You can use the photos for baby shower invites or announcements.  These pictures may even serve as future family heirlooms that you later show your children or even pass down to them once they start a family themselves. For many, these reasons are enough to convince them to buy-in to this popular trend, even paying professional photographers to take such photos.

Reasons to Not Take Baby Bump Photos

Still, some other expectant mothers and families decide to not take such photos. This group may see such photos as an invasion of privacy, or as something that family and friends do not necessarily need to see, just as they would not post pictures of other intimate parts of their lives. Documenting your child’s growth and health on a social site such as Facebook, which can be searched via search engines such as Google without proper privacy settings, is a hot topic in many parental circles. Or, families may take these pictures for their own records or photograph albums, but not desire to share such things with others. This can be a great compromise if it is very important to you and your family to have such mementos, but you are not so sure about sharing them. These people often see their growth in pregnancy as a private matter, and to show-off such shots seem to invite comparison from others, which they may not be interested in.

Mandy is a proud mother of four.  She occassional writes for PaperStyle on parenting and baby shower planning, as well as other aspects of pregnancy.  She’s recently started her own blog about life at home,

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