4 Essentials for a Child-Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen is widely regarded as ‘the hub’ of any home, a place for you and your family to relax, cook and eat dinner.
With over one million children being injured in home based accidents each year, you wouldn’t want such an important part of your home to be potentially harmful for your brood?

Don’t panic, as here are a few simple tips that’ll keep your kitchen a safe and happy place for you and your little ones.

•Cabinet locks

We all know how curious a child’s mind can be; the metallic glow of knives, pots, pans and an endless amount of nobs and buttons to twist, turn and twiddle. If you need to keep other buttons out of reach of your children or generally out of your kitchen take a look at these sleek extractors.

Why not minimise the chance of an accident by including some cabinet locks to the fixtures of your kitchen? It ensures that any harmful objects are even further out of the reach of your children.

•Corner bumpers

There are so many sharp edges and corners that a child can bump into, and when they are small, the corners of tables and work surfaces are usually at eye level to a child, making them increasingly dangerous.

By investing in some corner bumpers, you reduce the risk of injury to your child; and if they do come into contact with these safety devices, the impact of any bump they may receive will be minimal.

•Hob Guards

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare- a child pulling at the handle of a pot on the stove, potentially dousing themselves in boiling liquid.

Children love to help and try to imitate adults, so if they see you stirring a pan when making dinner, they’ll want to play too, leading to devastating consequences.

Hob guards are a fantastic product that any parent with small children should invest in, that will definitely keep the kids curiosity at bay.

•Oven door locks

The lights and contents of an oven can be extremely alluring to a child, which can lead to them peering in and ultimately, causing themselves serious harm.

Oven door locks can be purchased from any trusted hardware store and will keep your oven secure and safe from inquisitive hands. What happens when someone touches the glass door? Is it hot or protected?

Alternatively, when you are installing your oven, you should consider having it positioned at a higher level to protect the children even further.

Well that’s just a few ideas that you can invest in to keep the children safe and sound in your kitchen; ensuring ‘the hub’ is always a happy place.

This article was written by Britannia Living, the home of high quality kitchen appliances and accessories.

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