Spring Has Sprung, Are you Doing Spring Cleaning?

It is official, I think. Spring has sprung and with that comes that itch to get cleaning. I have seen people outside preparing their yards for Spring flowers, gardens and such. I have also read on Facebook that so many are organizing and getting rid of things in their home as a way to start Spring cleaning. The preparation for yard sale season is in full gear, many are clearing clutter and getting ready to sell it off at a warm day yard sale.

I personally love cleaning and organizing but since I have to move within the next couple of months, and have yet to find a place to rent, I have been downsizing. Rather than saving piles for a yard sale, I am giving stuff away and getting rid of it in a free pile. I cannot see moving stuff that is not needed. I have too many kids to hang onto things that we don’t use, play with nor need any longer so that it can sit in a storage area in another rental. No thank you.

I have been having the itch to clean though. This house collects a lot of dust and dirt from the muddy dirt driveway. I am thankful there isn’t a rug setup in this home because I would forever be vacuuming or hiring someone to do rug cleaning. I do have a couple of area rugs; one that is a cute little race car track for the little one and then another in my room because it gives a home appeal to me. So while I don’t have carpets here, I can tell you that many friends do and as I read on Facebook there are many people out there who use rug cleaning services as part of their Spring cleaning.

Have you been Spring cleaning?

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  1. Is it the time of year that inspires me to go on a cleaning, purging frenzy? I don’t know but have felt compelled to do so. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you.

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