Sending a Fragile Birthday Present to the US

My brother has lived in Tennessee in the US for 15 years now, but still, every single birthday, I make sure I let him know I’ve remembered by sending him a gift. With his birthday fast approaching once again, I’ve been thinking about possible ideas for birthday gifts I can send to the US.

Obviously there are some things which are just a bad idea. As much as I’d love to send him his favourite macaroons from an expensive shop in London, I know they won’t last the journey. They’ll taste the same, but pistachio green almondy crumbs aren’t as impressive as the real deal. I’d love to send over a DVD of a TV series I know he’d love that doesn’t show in America, but it might not work on his Region 1 DVD player, so would be a waste of money.

I’ve settled on the idea of sending him a football shirt of his favourite British team. I’ve bought it and it’s sat waiting to be wrapped. This shouldn’t be a problem to send at all. However, the other day I also spotted some gorgeous whisky glasses in a bespoke glassware boutique in town and just had to get a pair. Of course, these are going to be a little more complicated than a football shirt to send abroad, but sometimes a gift fits the recipient so well that you just have to buy it anyway.

Firstly, I’ll be stuffing the glasses with screwed up newspaper to give them a little reinforcement. Then I’ll be wrapping each glass in bubblewrap individually, before then securing the two together with an extra layer of bubblewrap. Thankfully I’ll have the advantage of the shirt to wrap around the glasses, but if I didn’t I’d get hold of some thick old fabric or some good quality paper. Then, I’ll place the glasses and shirt in a box in which they fit as tightly as possible. The more spare space there is, the more likely it’ll be that the glass will move around in the box and break.

Then I’ll need to stuff the box at much as possible to keep the glasses still. I’ll be using polystyrene shapes which I’ll tip into the box all around the glasses. Then, once I’ve placed his birthday card onto the top of the box, I’ll seal it all up using parcel tape. I’ll use this along all the edges of the box and across the corners for extra reinforcement.

Finally, I’ll write his name and address clearly on the box, along with a ‘fragile’ note to the postal workers and send my parcel to the USA. I can’t wait to find out if he likes his gift, and his birthday can’t come quickly enough!

Ronnie Beck is a devoted family man who blogs about maintainign long distance relationships with far away loved ones

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