How Do you Get Rid of your Junk?

What is one person’s junk can be another man’s treasure, right? That is what they say anyways. It seems there are many options to having  junk removal edmonton from your property. From junk metal to real garbage, there seems to be so many companies out there willing to come take your junk from you. Of course these services are not usually free unless you are using a scrap metal person where they sometimes pay you to take your scrap metal, if you have enough of it.

In my town we don’t have a town dump, the next town over has a dump that is located in the middle of our two towns. I recall years back that this dump was shared between the two towns but something changed and now we cannot use that dump. This means if we want to get rid of our garbage then we have to bring it to the local recycling center type company and pay a rate per pound I believe for rubbish removal edmonton. If you decide to recycle, which I do, then you don’t have to pay to drop that at this place.

The other option in my town is to have a company drop off a dumpster. This can get costly, especially if you have a big family and do not recycle. I have found that recycling our cardboard and plastic really helps keep the dumpster less overfull at end of month. Having more than once a month pick up would be extremely expensive and not worth the fee.

What options do you have in your town for rubbish removal?

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  1. We only have one that I know of…well, I guess we have two though I never considered it until now.

    A) Pay someone to collect once a week (which we do)
    B) Take it to the dump ourselves

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