Have you Ever Remodeled a Bathroom?

The ideas that flow into my head, as I sit here in search of a rental home in my local town I see various bathrooms. One home for rent, that sadly has already been taken, had 3 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms as well as a large yard. Can you imagine three bathrooms? Oh my loveliness. I would love to have a master bathroom to my own self, but then if I did get my own bathroom I would be sad that I couldn’t be able to remodel the bathroom, being that I rent not buy homes. If were to have luck strike me and I could have my way with a bathroom then I would want some bathroom ideas downingtown pa because I am not an interior designer nor bathroom modeler person. Is that even a word? Modeler?

Image Source: www.homesnhouses.com
Image Source: www.homesnhouses.com

I have always wanted to have yellow in my bathroom, maybe more of a pastel yellow with some green because the ideal theme for my personally made bathroom would include frogs. I am not sure why frogs, but that’s something I always wanted. A frog themed bathroom and an apple themed kitchen, to me it just makes sense. Apples make you think of baking and food while frogs make you think of water… such as a bathroom, right?! Well whatever theme I chose, I would certainly need to utilize bathroom remodelers west chester pa or else I would totally destroy a bathroom theme. Those who know how to remodel a bathroom should be having the responsibility to assist in your bathroom remodeling dreams.

What is your ideal theme for a bathroom?

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