Then I was Reminded About Power Wheels

I was catching up on some of the blogs I love when I happened upon a Power Wheels blog post from Trisha at MomDot that made me recall a somewhat funny story about K-man back in the day.

Proud Preschooler

While K-man may look super sweet and innocent in most of his pictures I share here, you can see that spark of curiosity behind those eyes with a side of mischief. That would be truth. This child has a mechanical mind as I call it, he enjoys figuring out how things work, yes even if that means taking them apart and destroying them. K-man doesn’t ruin things on purpose, not at all, his mind refuses to let him just enjoy something without first finding out how it works.

It’s not his fault he has this mind, I blame his Dad. Why? Because it’s fun to blame someone and I certainly do not have a mechanically inclined mind, but his father? Oh yes, my ex husband is brilliant with building stuff and figuring out how things work. Much like his son. The thing is, my ex husband doesn’t destroy things in the process.

Taking you back a few Summers or maybe even just one Summer ago when K-man was outside while his Dad was working on a car. K-man had his power wheels Jeep, a hand me down from his sister years back, tipped upside down. K-man wanted to work on a car just like his Daddy. Somehow, do not ask me how, K-man got his hands on his Dad’s wire cutters. Yes, wire cutters. Or at least I think that’s what they were, and cut off all wires that would connect the charger/battery area making the Power Wheels Jeep no more.

From now on if K-man wants to be in his Power Wheels Jeep he has to just sit there and be pushed around instead of actually driving the dang thing. Well the other day K-man tipped it upside down and was all confused why the wires were cut and wanted to know where to find the battery for it. I promptly reminded him of his adventures with wire cutters and cutting the wires so now the Jeep battery does not work, but he promptly denied ever doing such a thing.

Kids…. gotta love ’em.

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  1. Men never accept the blame. hahaha. Okay, I’m kidding, I just couldn’t resist saying it.

    He does look sweet and innocent in the picture. 🙂

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