Prep your Lawn with Scotts Florida Select Mulch

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Spring has sprung and I am keeping my fingers crossed that snow will stay away now that we are nearing the May Flowers season. Scotts Nature Scapes mulch wanted me to take a moment to share with you all tips on how to best prep your lawn this Spring.

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Right now I am in the process of a move, but do have ideas for what I want my yard to look like after moving into a new place. For inspiration I will usually seek photos online for ideas. Lilac bushes are really something that make me realize Spring is truly here, so I would choose to have at least one Lilac bush on my yard with Scotts Florida Select Natural Eucalyptus Mulch around it, therefore creating a situation where I won't have to weed it as much. When I was younger I had a Lilac bush at the family farm, it is still there, but in all honesty nothing was worse than having to continuously weed that thing out. Maybe if mulch had been placed around it after weeding I would not have had to weed it as often, if at all?

Gearing Yard up for Spring

Scotts® Nature Scapes® mulch comes in 3 different colors: Classic Black, Sierra Red, and Deep Forest Brown and they’re natural forest products – no waste wood and come in a variety of textures. Scotts Mulch helps to maintain moisture, prevent weeds, and create a groomed landscape all year long.

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I just want a backyard that is beautiful, welcoming and maintained. I firmly believe that having the perfect color mulch matters too, it is all matter of what color works well with the color of your home and plants or flowers you are growing. There are ways to prep your yard to get ready to make it look perfect for your wants and needs;

  1. Go to the store and research which plants, flowers, shrubs that you want in your backyard this year. Find ones that will work with your backyard; such as ones that need certain amounts of sunlight and or not to ensure that your backyard is able to have sufficient growing area for these plants to grow.
  2. Pick up shovels, hoes and any sort of gardening supplies you may need to complete this project of making your yard beautifil this Spring season.
  3. Pick up some Scotts® Nature Scapes® to ensure that you will be creating a sustainable gardening situation, meaning that all of your time and effort for beautiful landscaped plants will stay weed free, with little to no work from you other than to maintain and/or water plants.

Beautiful Backyard with Scotts Florida Select Much

Before you head out and purchase this product remember that the coverage area is – A 2 cu. ft. bag will cover the following: At a depth of 2 inches, 12 sq. ft of bedding area. At a depth of 3 inches, 8 sq. ft. of bedding area. At a depth of 4 inches, 6 sq. ft. of bedding. This is a great way to keep weeds at bay and make your backyard look gorgeous this Spring season and forward.

I get a lot of inspiration for Spring lawn preparation by staring at the pond in the yard, watching the wild life. One last tip I have for you is to see what type of wild life you wish to encourage to your land if you have a country setting, seeing seven deer outside grazing nearly every night is something I fully enjoy. Spring forward and get that yard looking fabulous today!


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