Having the Best Photography During Your Wedding

When I was married it was in the backyard, a simple wedding just the way I would prefer it and my aunt took most of the pictures during the wedding. My aunt did an amazing job capturing that wedding, and those pictures have been saved for my ex husband and my son’s to enjoy. While having a family member take photographs during a wedding saves money for sure, there are some who prefer a more extravagant wedding with professional photographers and in that case you must be sure to check out all of the options.

Many companies are out there providing exceptional wedding photography options such as halifax wedding photography.ย  When you pick a wedding photographer you will want to have one that is not only going to capture planned photo moments but also be there to snap photos of various moments that maybe even you did not see. It’s always fun to look back at the moments that your photographer captured during the wedding that you were not even aware of happening.

Kisses For My Lil Princess

I firmly believe the best photographs, wedding or just every day life, are best captured when someone is not posing for that photo. Capturing a moment in the memory of a photograph makes for a cherished memory you can enjoy for years to come. Shown above is a picture of my sweet daughter at my wedding that my aunt captured and I have always loved. It’s a moment of me nuzzling her as I call it, a love kiss with my nose so to speak. A picture perfect moment.

Quite simply put, it’s best to have whom ever you wish to take the photos during your wedding but they must capture wedding photography halifax that is planned and unplanned. Without the unplanned moments captured during your wedding you are not getting the big picture of that wedding day to look back upon. Even though I am divorced, I still cherish all of the moments captured by my aunt on my wedding day, they are memories that my children can look back upon and smile.

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