National Stationery Week and Personalised Stationery

With National Stationery Week at the end of April, you’ve a couple of pay days to save up your pennies to go on a stationery spending spree, not to mention the perfect chance to celebrate the written word and all things stationery. Even Victoria Beckham was spotted stationery shopping. She headed to the Ryman shop in Kensington recently to stock up on goodies for her son, Romeo.

Some would say letter writing and writing by hand in a digital age is as dead as a dodo and is no longer important, but as all stationery buffs know, that isn’t entirely true.

For the past few years, the media has been drumming up a frenzy of worry and disbelief about the obvious death of handwriting – it’s as if it’s defunct, nonexistent and obsolete.

However, this isn’t the case. In actual fact, shiny new gadgets and technology has simply diverted us from the satisfaction and significance of writing, it hasn’t replaced it.

To get more people putting pen to paper and writing by hand more often, especially little ones, there is such a thing as personalised stationery, namely notebooks, address books, birthday and anniversary books, personalised stationery sets and much, much more – a new must-have where fashion meet function. The best bit is you get to customise your gift with a name and a message.

This April’s National Stationery Week aims to remind people not only about the physicality of holding a pen and languorously pouring out thought on paper, it’s about stopping what you’re doing, and taking the time to relish in writing.

That’s where personalised stationery comes in. Address books are becoming a phenomenon. As well as helping you stay organised and up-to-date, they can be customised with any name or message of your choice. What’s more, there are tons of gorgeous designs up for grabs.

Personalised stationary doesn’t stop there. Birthday and anniversary books are hugely popular and will help anyone keep on top of those important dates in style.

Writing, in whatever form it takes, is healing and helps thwart the hurry of modern life. It compels us to decelerate a little and concentrate on what we want to say. Whether you’re a birdwatcher, artist, gardener, teacher, author, or just someone who likes to make note of random stuff, personalised notebooks are great for the job. Not only will they help you record your favourite things in life, they make cracking personalised stationery gifts for just about anyone.

It’s clear there’s something special about personalised stationery – and it’s much more pleasurable to receive a handwritten note or letter from someone than a fleeting email or text, wouldn’t you agree?

Hop on over to and plump for personalised stationery and send a handwritten note to a friend or relative during National Stationery Week to show you care!

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