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I am so done with breast feeding, my "baby" is now four years old and he stopped nursing at about 12 months of age. After nursing three children, I have learned a thing or two; it's vitally important to be relaxed and comfortable while nursing. When a Mom is comfortable while nursing their baby they will create more milk, also their baby will be more relaxed and take better to nursing. That is why I am in love with the idea of sharing my thoughts on using a nursing pillow. For my first born I always used a regular bed pillow underneath her while nursing or laid down sideways nursing her, but that wasn't always the most comfortable situation. When it came to my sons, I started using a nursing pillow and wondered how I had ever breastfed without one of those with my oldest. The comfort, the ease of keeping your child supported and freeing up a hand to help with the latch on process is just so worth every penny you spend on a nursing pillow.

Comfort & Harmony Mombo

Mombo™ is a line of nursing pillow for babies that have a Firm2SoftTM two sided construction, allowing for you to enjoy firm or soft on each side of the pillow. The firm side is for more back support during breastfeeding while the softer side is just the perfect balance for a relaxing, lounging type experience. Mombo™ also has an optional vibrating option that some babies really like to help sooth them. After raising three kids to the ages of 4, 6 and 10 at this time I can honestly say having an option for vibration on anything to do with their baby items really assisted in soothing them to sleep when mommy's arms just wouldn't work alone.

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