I Choose To Focus on Positive Not be Blind of Negative

Living a positive lifestyle does not necessarily mean that you are oblivious or blinded of the bad in this world. For one to choose to live a positive lifestyle with the positive attitude, you must be aware of the bad as well, life is all about balance. The choice to simply focus on the good and positive means that you are making a conscious effort in making your life and that of your family better.  Turning on the news, I see nothing but negative, all of the bad people and crimes being focused on. Rarely is there a huge news segment about positive helpers, the good in this world and similar. That is why all too often I turn off the local news channel, I much prefer to see a balance of good and bad being reported with the focus being that of the good.

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In all reality you can truly find something good within every bad situation, event or moment in your world. It will take time to truly feel and believe with all of your heart and soul that positive thinking truly works and it make take years before you really reap the benefits of having such a mindset. This is probably why so many try to think positive and then give up. It is a time consuming process of truly training your mind, heart and soul to believe a completely different way than what you grew up to know.

I feel my kids blessed to have a mother who truly believes and lives in the positive mindset, because they are not being shown just one way of thinking. In school and with friends as well as other family members my children are taking in how others view the world through the words spoken to them but more importantly through watching how these other people in their world live and interact with them. For me, the decision to focus on positive rather than good and to believe that everything will end up working out in my favor, was a way to help raise three kids with little stress and in turn having my kids watch me grow, learn how to adapt and come out strong.

All we all seem to wish for our next generation is that they have an open mind, willingness to love others, and good strong morals with a great character. If choosing to focus on the positive and lead this type of life in front of and with my children creates that, then it will be worth every moment when someone tells me my thought pattern is messed up. People may be able to get my mind to jilt for just one moment into the negative with their dash of negativity but they will never, ever break my confidence in leading this positive lifestyle that works so well for all in my direct path. If you really want to learn more about how it is I think and why it has worked for others too, The Secret is a great movie to watch or book to read. It is a documentary of sorts really and it really worked to help show others how my mind really works and how it is directly connected with the universe.

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  1. I’m a very positive person. I try to always enforce that in our home as well. I do watch miserable news but remember there is tons of good in our world. Like Rosey says, it is great your kids have a mom teaching this to them!

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