5 Reasons Why Every Mum Should Have a Mummy Business Card

Nurse, chef, chauffer, therapist, hairdresser, these are just some of the daily accomplishments undertaken by mums every day. Add to that doing the laundry, helping with homework, teaching new skills and being able to run the day according to a strict timetable, mums really do need a business card just to help them get through their daily routine!


A mummy business card is a practical way of passing the correct information on to those who need it. If you are carpooling, use an after school care service or need to leave the correct information at the school office or kindergarten, this is a great way to ensure the facts are correct. Sporting coaches, tutors and other parents would benefit from this type of card as well. I am sure there are occasions where you ask your child, ‘What is John’s mother’s name?’


Whether you are a working mum or a stay at home mum, a mummy business card is something that doesn’t take up much room and can be popped into any handbag. If you swap bags, keep a supply in each bag.


It quite easy to have mummy business cards printed. This can all be taken care of on line. You may wish to choose a logo or pattern for your card. It is important to have all the essential details printed on your card such as your name, along with contact home or mobile telephone number and perhaps your email address. Mummy business cards often have your name and then underneath that, introducing you as mum to your children. An example is ‘Jane & John’s mum’. This may sound silly at first, but how often do teachers, sports coaches and other parents only know you as your child’s ‘mum’.

For Safety

As well as containing all the correct information, mummy business cards are great for putting into your child’s school backpack or for putting in the pocket of younger children when going on school excursions. These cards can also be placed in swimming or sports bags when your child is taking part in extracurricular activities.

Establishing contacts

You have decided to let your child attend dance classes or play sports. This will put you into contact with lots of new people outside of the school environment. As an introduction, a mummy business card will get all the information right and can be a useful tool when negotiating carpooling and play dates. These cards are also useful to give to the babysitter.

If you go back a century or so, you will find this is not an entirely new idea. People from an era long ago used ‘calling cards’. It was a form of courtesy, when visiting socially as a guest or having business dealings, that a card would be left containing your details. This way it was easy for your host to contact you, should the necessity arise. Business cards are essential now for professionals. What better way to leave your contact details than with a mummy business card? If you would like to customize your own mummy business cards, check out Vistaprint website which allows you to create your own design. This way there can be no miscommunication or mix up of important details like a telephone number or correct name.

Written by Kim Blair

Kim loves writing, spending time with her two kids, as well as doing DIY art and craft which she sells at local market stalls.

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