I have a household full of music lovers, while I have mostly guitar and drum loving men and boys in the household, I do have some piano and keyboard lovers as well. Kiara has spoken to me in the past about how neat it would be to have piano lessons, while I agree that would be cool, I honestly do not think I can afford it nor am I sure she is interested in piano any longer.

Musical Instruments

When Kiara started thinking about the piano it brought back memories of my really young years of living in the farm house with my Mom and Dad in Vermont. There was this huge piano in the house, I am not sure what kind because honestly I have never heard of any “brand or type” of piano beyond various terms I have come upon online such as Used Steinway Pianos that can be found for sale online.

The name or brand of the piano is completely irrelevant, the memory involves me coming downstairs and just not being able to resist touching that piano. As I walked by I would have to bang a button, as I walked by other times I would slide my fingers across more than one button. In return I usually recall getting in trouble for touching the piano, but as a child I just could not resist this beautifully huge piano sitting there in the corner.

That piano used to call my name, I swear!

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  1. Rosey (1066 comments)

    My second oldest played violin for years, my daughter plays clarinet, and my youngest has a drum set (his dad, uncle, and cousin play drums too).
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