Thinking About Children’s Vitamins During Flu Outbreak

This really sucks having the Influenza B virus running through the household, on warm days I can open the windows and let in some fresh air. During non warm days, I am able to make sure I go through and disinfect the whole house to ensure the flu virus is cleaned up best I can. Washing hands over and over. Purchasing vitamin C type food items to ensure our bodies are ready to fight off this Influenza B virus going around both in home and at the schools.

While everyone here is getting sick I have to say that I am thinking a lot about Childrens vitamins because had we maybe been giving the kids vitamins on a regular basis things would not be getting so sick. I doubt if vitamins really would keep us all from getting the flu bug completely, but at the same time I cannot help but think it would make the children’s immune systems stronger than without the proper vitamins and nutrients.

Vitamins are not only important for children, my Dad is often telling me to keep taking a daily multivitamin and get the kids on one as well, but I just keep forgetting to take mine. You see, they usually say to take vitamins with food. While I would be great at getting the kids their childrens vitamin during food, I tend to forget to eat let alone take vitamins myself.

While we work to clean up and get rid of this Influenza B, I will have to put down childrens vitamins on my grocery list to ensure I get those into the kids going forward.

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