Three Sisters By Susan Mallery Book Club Tour

Three Sisters

Three Sisters by Susan Mallery is a great read that shares lessons in learning who you are. Sometimes we must let go in order to move forward and heal in life. Having been through my own up and downs in life, I enjoyed reading this novel and am happy to share an excerpt with you all as part of the book tour I am participating in.

Boston nodded. “Right. The girls are very sweet.” She shrugged. “And that’s the neighborhood. Just the three of us. I’m so happy someone is going to be living in the middle house. It’s been empty for years. A vacant house can be sad.” Although nothing about Boston’s tone had changed, Andi felt a shift in the other woman’s energy. Even as she told herself she was being what her mother would call “weird beyond what we consider normal,” she couldn’t shake the feeling that her neighbor wanted her gone.

She quickly finished the rest of her scone, then smiled. “You’ve been more than kind. I really appreciate the jolt of caffeine and the snack. But I have so much I have to do.

“Moving. I’ve heard it’s tough. I can’t imagine living anywhere but here. I hope you’re happy here on our little street.”

“I’m sure I will be.” Andi rose. “It was nice to meet you.”

“You too,” Boston told her, walking her to the front door. “Please stop by if you need anything. That includes a shower.” We have a guest bath, you know, in case the water gets turned off.”

“That’s very nice of you, but if the water gets turned off, I’m moving into a hotel.”

“I like your style.”

Andi waved and stepped out on the porch. Once the front door closed behind her, she paused for a second, looking at her house from her neighbor’s perspective. There were several cracked windows on this side, and part of the siding was hanging down, loose and peeling. The yard was overgrown.

“Talk about ugly,” she murmured, returning to her car.

This is another book I have read recently about being left at the altar. As the main character Andi tries to move on from being dumped at the altar, you will have a fun time traveling through the story reading along with her actions and thoughts of a woman who is trying to heal. Being left with a home, that while holds historical value, is falling apart so to speak, in need of tender love and care… Andi finds herself relating to this large home.

Click here to read more reviews and excerpts being shared on Book Tribe by all who have signed up to be a part of this book tour. Keep your eyes out for my end of week review and excerpt of another book that shares of life after love.

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