Looking for Rental Can Be Overwhelming

I am in the market to find a rental home. I want 3 or 4 bedrooms obviously and this is proving to be the most impossible task ever. If I do reach someone who has a home rental with the right size for the family, then it has already been contracted to be rented by the time the person calls me back. If I do finally reach a person and they are agreeable to letting me come view the property, I can never seem to really touch base with them again to make this appointment.

I am frustrated beyond belief because I am suppose to have a place lined up by warm weather, not for any bad reason but simply because the home I am in now is no longer available sometime around Summer. I have lived here a year and a half and enjoyed the memories but it’s time to make new memories.

I really just wish it was a lot easier. It seems Craigslist does not have much for my town, and I cannot switch the kids school district. Here I am trying to find a rental home and I know I will eventually start seeing more rentals opening as warmer weather comes but in the mean time I am wondering how much more I really need put on my plate at this moment in time. I pick up newspapers so frequently that I could nearly have a huge bonfire with the amount of newspapers I have collected.

They say God does not give you more than you can handle, well I tell you what, He has a lot of faith in me, I swear! But then again I do in Him as well. A rental home that is perfect for my family shall come when I least expect it. I just hope it’s this most recent one I have been trying to connect with, because it’s a beautiful location, perfect size and not too far from where I reside now.

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