A Parental Test of the Tween and Four Year Old

God forbid I want to wear my own dang boots in the middle of the snow storm we got hit with yesterday. God Forbid that I do not allow my daughter to wear said boots because they are 1) mine and 2) not hers. Good point, right? Not clearly enough for this tween.

Friday Night Play Time

I was all impressed, got up on time with my alarm clock. Boys both got dressed when I asked them to. Both boys got their shoes on. Their coats on. They ate breakfast. They did their mouth rinse. They listened very well and even had extra time to watch a video on the Kindle Fire while waiting for their tween sister.

Yes. Tween. Between the age of 4 with K-man and this tween crap with Kiara, I am going to be looking more salt and pepper grey, if not grey this Summer season. Seriously.

I rarely can win. If I say where the other boots, they are bad and don’t work all of a sudden and it’s the end of the freaking world. If I say you are not wearing your pajamas, well then I am discouraging her independent be different personality that I only have encouraged ALL of her life.



Take a sip of coffee……. that is all I can do.

Close mouth while ahead in conversation. Laugh. Drink more coffee.

And then get your son to school late. The same son you are trying like hell to get to school before 1st bell rings to encourage independence because your tween daughter decided to take forever to get ready for school when she ended up going to school in her pajama pants and a sweatshirt anyways.

I give. I give. I do not get this. I have lost understanding of the tween brain.

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  1. My second oldest tried to go once in his pj’s. I told him when he was driving his own car, he could drive himself to school like that. I know everyone does it, but I hate it.

    Then we went to a restaurant and he wore slippers. I saw them and knew he was trying to defy me, or whatever it is they do at that age, so I never mentioned them. Thankfully he never wore them out again.

    Some of the trends are annoying…I guess our parents probably thought so too. πŸ™‚ Hang in there, the happy moments outnumber the yukky ones. πŸ™‚

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