What’s Movie Night without Popcorn?

It is a given in my household that if we are going to sit down, curl up and put on a great movie that we are going to have us some good buttered popcorn. One is not able to have a movie night without that wonderful taste and smell of popcorn through out your house. Heck, even Jenny the Pug is ready for popcorn with us.

Pouting Pug

Who can resist sharing some popcorn on movie night with that adorable face? I certainly cannot resist sharing with her awesome pug-ness.

Whatever style of popcorn or brand you enjoy, it does not matter, but in all honesty I usually purchased bagged buttered popcorn that you stick in the microwave for like 2 minutes and 30 seconds just to enjoy. Ever since I was younger, I have always wanted one of those whirley pop popcorn popper maker things, you know when you can pop those kernels yourself on the stove or what not?

What a joy it would be too have such a stove top pop corn popper in the house. It would make preparation for our family movie night all that more fun!

Do you have a popcorn popper thing-a-ma-bob?

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