GoDaddy Renewal Frustrations

I have no clue what is going on but the past two domains I have renewed with GoDaddy are resetting. I have HostGator for my hosting and GoDaddy for the actual domain purchases. I have had this setup since 2008 when I started using self hosted blogging platforms.

The issue is that my and are now showing as if they are a separate site or not set up at all. For instance, should redirect automatically to but that is not happening.

I am going to try to see if there was a reset in that DNS numbers or what not that you have to insert when you have a hosting account but they never used to reset upon renewal. Maybe because I let the domains expire and renewed them late?

Either way .. it’s just one more project on my plate to tackle between now and then. I can do this , right? Things are going to start to align, right? Please say yes. I know they will but need some reassurance 😉

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  1. I suspect renewing your domains late after they expired could be causing the problem. I have had a similar thing happen to me in the past. So I have reminders in my Outlook now as to when my domains expire, because it was so much hassle fixing them up again.

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