Family Movie Night Approved – Wreck-it Ralph

We all know a person, or maybe we are that person who sometimes feels as if there is more to life than what is in front of them. It’s that moment when you simply feel as if you can accomplish more, be more and do more with your life. Wreck-it Ralph is a non-stop humorous movie with amazing life lessons about friendships, being all you can be and realizing that being yourself is simply the best possible remedy for living a full life.

Wreck-it Ralph Hug

Travel along with Ralph as he tries to hop out of his normal game, where he is always the bad guy, to try to find a place he belongs. Ralph longs to be that good guy person that everyone loves, instead of that bad boy in a video game.  A cute friendship is made between Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz, a misfit while in a Candy Land type video game. Vanellope was a misfit, someone who really was never met to be more than a glitch in the video game she was part of but as her friendship with Ralph grows and she forces Ralph to see the true value of friendship, she becomes more than just a misfit or a glitch.

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Wreck-it Ralph is available now for your purchasing or renting pleasure, check out the 4-disc 3D combo pack that includes blu-ray, blu-ray 3D, DVD and Digital Copy of Wreck-it Ralph all in one. Rest assured your family will love this wonderful film time and time again, my family has already watched it five times on blu-ray and DVD.

Bonus Features on some of the discs include;

  • Paperman Theatrical Short (blu-ray, 3D blu-ray & DVD)
  • Bit by Bit: Creating the Worlds of Wreck-it Ralph (blu-ray & 3D)
  • Disney Intermission: The Gamer’s Guide to Wreck-it Ralph (blu-ray & 3D)
  • Deleted and Alternate Scenes (blu-ray and 3D)
  • Video Game Commercials (blu-ray and 3D)
  • Movie plays in English, Spanish and French

Wreck-it Ralph is rated PG, so some parental guidance is suggested.

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  1. This movie is so cute! I have seen it, and I really like it. It is a classic that I will be enjoying for years to come!

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